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    “Let’s grab dinner tonight.”
    Food. Yeah, she was hungry. Good idea. “Okay.” She didn’t have a ride anyway. Fast food would be better than cafeteria fare. “No burgers. Maybe pizza—”
    “Not what I meant. I’m taking you to dinner.” He broke into a grin, giving a soft chuckle. “A date. To dinner. Like a go home and shave your legs, I’ll pick you up at eight kind of dinner.”
    What? Her cheeks heated. She didn’t need a mirror to know there was a fast and furious blush working up her neck and into her face. “I don’t…understand.”
    “What’s not to understand?”
    “That’s very generous of you, Jared. I think.” Her eyes searched the hallway, anywhere but his face. “But you don’t have to.”
    He caught her chin with his fingers and directed her to face him. “Look at me, baby cakes.”
    And she did. Her stomach dropped. He was serious. Intense midnight eyes locked to hers and she wanted to run as much as she wanted to drag him to close and screw. He made her hot, horny, and have dreams of the future. But when it was presented on a silver platter, it scared the bejesus out of her.
    She tried not to bite her bottom lip. “A date reeks of relationship stuff.”
    “Told you, I’d chase you until I caught you.” He squeezed. “I’m not letting go.”
    “Why are we still playing this game? You don’t know how to do relationships.”
    “Anytime I get close to you, you throw out that line. Enough. I’m done with that excuse.” He grinned again, finding all kinds of humor in her sudden nervousness. “Don’t know how to do relationships. Hell, woman, neither do you. You’re in one right now, it’s smacking you across that gorgeous face, and you have no idea.”
    A nurse approached them and signaled that visiting hours were ready to wrap up. “I can’t be ready for a date that fast.”
    “How would you know, you’ve never done it.” Jared winked.
    Her cheeks flushed. “I’ve been on a date before.”
    “Really? Doesn’t seem like your thing.”
    “Men have asked me out on dates.” She tried to break out of his arms. No luck.
    “I bet they have. But I bet you’ve never said yes.” He pulled her in tighter. “Never been the dating type myself, but with you, I want to give it a go. I like food, I like you. Let’s try it, see if it’s as fun as people make it out to be. And if not, we’ll pull the plug. Go screw in a corner somewhere, chalk that up to too many drinks, and we’ll keep pretending this isn’t our version of a relationship.”

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    Love this!!!

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    Wow, that’s awesome! Love how ‘self assured’ Sugar gets rattled!

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    Have just laughed out loud… My young son has asked ‘what’s so funny mum… ?’ Not sure I can explain this… Not for another few years anyway… Love these two…

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    This is great. Should have made it into the finished copy. It’s good to see Jared and Sugar doing the relationship dance–makes them seem more real.

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